Tetrathlon Rally Rules Summary

 Four events:

            Riding - stadium jumping.

            Swimming - timed; any stroke.

            Running - timed.

            Shooting compressed-air guns at ten meters.


Divisions are by sex (boy/girl) and age:

            Novice =         11-12 ; min. D3

            Intermediate = 13 & up; min. D3 

            Junior =           13-16; min. D3

            Senior =          16 and up; min. C1

    *Regional rallies can offer Pre-novice (D2), 10-&-under, and 8-&-under divisions.

Maximum score = 4400 points (1100 points for each phase).

Numbers worn for all phases except swimming.

Penalty for unauthorized assistance = up to a zero score for that phase.

Maximum penalty for bad behavior at Rally = 25 pts. per offense.

Judging - each phase has a "Phase Steward". 

Appeals - first to the Phase Steward, then a written appeal to Committee of Appeal.


Riding phase:

Note - rider has to try to jump each fence three times.  After three refusals, he/she can go on to the next jump with no further penalty.  Failing to try each jump three times = zero pts. for that phase. Up to three riders can share a horse.  They all come to the Formal Inspection; any HM points are assessed against all of them fully - not a % shared between them.


Regular Show Jumping infractions = up to zero pts.  2 pts. deducted per second over time.

Max. Heights:  Novice = 2'9"; Intermediate = 2'9"; Junior = 3'3"Senior = 3'7"


Martingales - Novice & Junior may use standing; Seniors use running only.

Bits - snaffle, Kimberwick, Pelham or double bridle.

Nosebands - dropped, crossed, or flash used only with snaffles.


Jump Penalties:

Knockdown = 32 pts.               First refusal =   24 pts.

Fall of rider = 64                       2nd refusal =    48 pts. (2 x 24)

2nd fall rider = Elim.                  3rd & more =   72 pts. (3 x 24)

1st fall of horse = Elim.


Running phase:

Novice & Interm. = 1000 M                     Penalty - 3 pts. deducted per second over time.

Juniors = 2000 M                                            

            Seniors = 3000 M

Swimming phase:

Novice & Interm. = 100 M or yds.         Penalty - 6 pts. deducted per second over time limit.

Junior & Senior  = 200 M or yds.

*separate scoring tables for meter and yard pools.