Eventing Rally Rules Summary




Positive points for each movement & each collective mark -  

1-10 pts., with a 5 being "sufficient"

Collective Marks:  gaits, impulsion, submission, rider's seat & use of aids

Error of test:  1st  - 2 pts.

                        2nd - 4 pts. (total 6 pts.)

                        3rd Elimination

Additional errors: 2 pts each and not cumulative:

            Use of voice (includes clicking of tongue)

            Entering arena before start of test unless permission from the organizer to circle inside

            Entering the arena before the sound of the bell to start the test

            Entering with boots or tail wrap on allowed to remove them

            Not entering the arena within 45 seconds but before 90 secs           

            Failing to take the reins into one hand for the salutes

May braid for Dressage, but must remove before turnbacks.

May wear fly hoods.  Checked after ride for earplugs, etc.

All riders may carry a whip.  May not be longer than 47.2 (almost 4 ft.), including lash.

Spurs no longer than 1 9/16 (slightly longer than 1) and only smooth rowels.

*Fall of horse and/or rider does not result in elim. zero score for that movement. 

Elimination at discretion of Jury -

            Unauthorized assistance

            Improper dress

Mandatory elimination -

Failing to enter within 90 sec. of signal unless valid reason.

Improper saddlery - only smooth, not twisted, snaffles.

Only Ds can use Kimberwick or Pelham bits, in addition to snaffles.

Only Ds can have standing martingales & grass reins.

            Lame horse.  No appeal from the judge's decision.

            Leaving the arena with all four feet during the test.

            Resistance longer than 20 seconds (except for Ds, who are never timed)    




Knock down rail or jump -      4 penalty points                       **Numbers to remember:

First refusal -                           4 pts.                                                   4

Second refusal on course -      8 pts. (total = 12 pts)                            4                     

Third refusal on course -         Elimination                                           8

First fall of rider -                               Elimination                             

First fall of horse -                  Mandatory retirement

Time Penalties = 0.4 penalty per second over time limit. Same as XC.

Novice speed = 320mm; Training = 325mm, Prel. = 350mm

Elimination at discretion of Jury -

            Not entering arena when called.

            Not being mounted when entering or leaving arena.

            Not stopping when whistle blown during test.

Unauthorized assistance

Mandatory elimination (partial list)

Taking a jump before start whistle has blown.

Failing to cross the start line within 45 sec. of whistle

            Horse resisting for 45 sec. anywhere on the course (except for Ds)

Showing the horse a jump, including after a refusal

            Failure to pass between start or finish flags

            Errors of course (taking jumps out of order)

            Crossing the finish line unmounted before leaving arena

            Loose horse leaving arena (including before test started)

            Being handed a whip (helmet and eyeglasses are OK) while mounted during test

            Improper saddlery (hood, blinkers, etc)




First refusal at any jump                                 20 pts                     **Numbers to remember:

Second refusal at same jump                         40 pts                                       20

Third refusal at same jump                             Elimination                                40

BN Modified -                                                                                           65

            4th refusal total on course                  Elimination

       BN & N only - 

            First fall of rider at a fence IF rider lands on feet and remains standing - 65 pts

            Second fall of same rider                    Elimination

            First fall of rider if not on feet              Elimination

Pre & up-

            3rd refusal total on course                  Elimination

            First fall of rider                                  Elimination

All - First fall of horse -                                  Mandatory retirement

XC is different from SJ - may be handed a whip plus helmet & eyeglasses while mounted.

Willful delay (trot allowed) -                         20 pts. at discretion of the Ground Jury

 Rally only - Failure to report to vet box -      10 pts. 

Time penalties (BN-Modified) =                 0.4 penalties per second either too slow or too fast Note: no speed faults Pre & up.               ex: 11 sec x.04= 4.4 pts. 

Speeds - Novice = 350-400mm w/450 speed limit; Training = 420-470mm w/520 speed limit

 Organizer of show decides which speed is used for BN, Nov & TR levels

Elimination at discretion of Jury -

            Not yielding to an overtaking rider

            Causing danger to a rider that you are overtaking

            Failure to stop when signaled (waving of red flag)

Mandatory elimination -

            Jumping with helmet unbuckled

            Improper saddlery (hood, blinkers, etc.)

            Errors of course - e.g. not correcting a missed fence before jumping the next numbered                              fence. If jumped a wrong fence, can go back to jump the correct fence.

            Unauthorized assistance, whether encouraged or not!

Info -   Yellow markers are to show direction only.

            Color of fence flags: Beg. Nov =Yellow; Novice = White; Training = Black; Prelim = Green

Late to Formal Inspection - 5 pts. plus one point for each additional minute late.

*40 pts. max.   (Example: 3 min late = 7 pts)

*Entire USPC Eventing Rulebook may be downloaded from www.ponyclub.org> Resources> Rulebooks    2/9/21