Dressage Rally Rules Summary


Riders cannot be required to ride before their stated time, but have 45 secs. to enter the

arena once judge rings the bell - will be eliminated for tardiness from that test only.

First “error of course” is a 2 pt. penalty, second error is an additional 4 pts. (total 6 pts.),

and third error is elimination.

D1s and D2s may have their tests read with no penalty (except not for Musicals and Pas de Deux)

Coaches are allowed, both for individuals and teams.

Different from Eventing - center rollers, rotating center disk bits and Level 2 Mylar bits are

            allowed but no Dr. Bristols or bumpy Happy Mouth snaffles.

            Fall of horse or rider is elimination from that test only.

Ds only may use Kimberwickes & Pelhams in addition to snaffle bits.

Ds can use standing martingales, grass reins & bit converters.

Ds do not have to follow the dress code.

Dress code for Cs: short coat of conservative color, smooth-leather leg piece, jodhpurs and

brown boots through 4th Level.  May be eliminated at discretion of Ground Jury for

dress code violations.

All riders are allowed to carry a whip in the ring; may be no longer than 47.2” (almost 4 ft.)

No bit guards, boots, bandages, earplugs or seat covers are allowed, except that bandages

ARE allowed in Pas de Deux and Quadrille.

No fly hoods unless ring is outside or open-sided ring.

White or light-colored saddle pads only.

Spurs & gloves are optional through 4th Level.  Spurs may not be longer than 1⅜”.

Bit keepers on full-cheeks are optional.

Braiding is allowed but is never required.  Remove before turnbacks.

3rd Level tests & up may be ridden in a double bridle, if desired; required for FEI tests.


“Collective marks” are for gaits, impulsion, submission and rider’s seat.

Transition should take place when the rider’s body is above the letter.

Horses leaving the arena with all four feet before the final halt results in elimination.

Resistance that stops the test for longer than 20 seconds may result in elimination.

At the salute, rider must take the reins on one hand and drop his other arm by his side, or

it is an error of course.

Use of the voice or clicking of the tongue is a 2 pt. deduction for each occurrence.

May be eliminated for schooling in the arena or being mounted without a helmet.

Through First Level, unless stated, either rising or sitting trot is allowed. 

Above that, sitting trot is required unless stated otherwise.

Tests are not timed except for Freestyle and Pas de Deux.

Freestyle has a 5 min. time limit, with a 2 pt. penalty for going over.


Small Arena required:  Quadrilles. 

Small Arena allowed:  Intro and Training Level tests but up to organizer - check show bill.

Standard (Large) Arena required:  all Musicals, Pas de Deux, and First Level up tests.

Championships:  all tests ridden in large arenas.  C1 and up; 12 yrs. old and up.


*Entire USPC Dressage Rulebook may be downloaded from www.ponyclub.org> Resources> Rulebooks