CT entries as of -- 

NOTICE! All participants, including spectators, must warrant that they will take their own temperature before entering the grounds in addition to anyone riding in their vehicle.

Temperature of 101.4* or higher OR any of the following symptoms will not be allowed to access to the grounds:

1)    Fever or chills, cough, new loss of taste or smell, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, fatigue, muscle or body aches, sore throat, congestion, nausea, diarrhea.

2)    Anyone who has tested positive for COVID in the last 10 days or is past 10 days but still showing symptoms.  

3)    Anyone who has been exposed or in close contact with anyone either with current symptoms or has tested positive in the last 10 days.


Access will be limited in the viewing room where the food and Secretary's tables are located.  Use social distancing when admitted for your turn. Only officials and food volunteers will be allowed to remain inside the viewing room after food purchase and/or packet pickup.  Please also use social distancing outdoors when gathering around score boards and jump course posters.   



*Entries are consider on time with a 3/2 postage date or 3/4 drop-off ; later arrivals are accepted but are not guarantee space. Incomplete entries as of Monday evening 8:00PM, 3/8 will be wait-listed.

* Hand-deliver complete entries OR scan/email using PayPal (add 3%) or Venmo only starting Friday, 3/5.  

All entries that were incomplete or mailed later than 3/2 yet took the discount will need to pay $5 per rider to pick up their packet at the show.


Any scratches should call my cell ASAP @502-550-2640 to see if there is a wait list for your 

division in order to get a refund.


Div First Last (*=CBPC) Horse


owes if not complete or mailed 

by 3/2

JBS Lila Schaffner* Cowboy
Kate Schmitz* Willie entry
SBS Amy Kramer Mister Sky Blue
JS Claire Rigney* Crackerjack
SS Baylee Auxier Nautical
Amy Kramer Mister Sky Blue
JBN Janey Jones* Star Shrek
SBN Alena Smith Argentina de Reve HF
Bridget Clark Vegas
Chelsea   Hackbarth Numero Uno
JN Ansley Whitehouse* It's Friday
SN Katy Kline Curiosity
JT Sarah   Snowden* Appalachia
Pre Darby Weerstra Exultation




Past entries:

Emary Thomas Union Jack Sabine Nicoson* Zippy Claire Rigney* Cracker Jack Lucy Stopher* Stormy Weather Gabrielle Buschemeyer* Cowboy Lila Beshear* Hugs William Coon Picasso

Alena Smith Mera Whitney Morris CC Granian Madison Hartung More than Soul Nathalie Green Valentine Erin Murphy Niederzel Whitney Morris Copperplate Shelby Keeling It's All About Bob Maureen Royé Archimedes Jessica Ramage Queens Ransom Chelsea Hackbarth Maximum Effort Lori  Bond Cash Bond

Anna Gardone* Little Bay Ferrari Larkin  Albarado* SF Lil Bit O'Texas Kyra Steinrock* Corey Audra Spellman M & M Maddie Finster Fancy Molly Schneider* Buckner

Cynthia Kendall Chillax52 Whitney Morris CC Granian Arielle Ferrell Parkmore's Miss Demeanor Becca Lusignolo Double Stuffed Oreo Kathryn Richardson Alex Le Great Vanessa Jones Shoshone Tonya McKinney Movie Lori  Bond Cash Bond Maureen Royé Archimedes

Gracie Anderson Jack on the Rocks Ansley Whitehouse* It's Friday Kennedy Daley Sutton Anna Gardone* Little Bay Ferrari Nora Brown* Leal Janey Jones* Buckner Madison Trenaman* Can't Dutch This Larkin  Albarado* SF Lil Bit O'Texas Mia Knights Sampson

Elizabeth Drawe Sheer XTC Nora Brown* Leal Freya Isenhart Simply Dun Beautiful Caecilia Isenhart Mr. Pacific Step

Naomi Waterbury Kentucky Sunshine Hannah Rutledge River City Gem Abby Krabacher Melody Tanya Begole Wivollets Carnival Whitney Morris Vans Flying Baby Jamie Denton War Storm Cynthia Kendall Psych-O-Delic

Tate Northrop* Bonheur Quality Margaret Millar Grando Clara Juckett* Etoile Sarah Snowden* Appalachia Jessena Defler* Gasparo v. de Falieberg

Megan Northrop Harrison Jasmin Walters Hughie Natanya McMahon Quiero Bourbon Tanya Begole Wivollets Carnival Alyssa Dykgraaf Foudroyant de Bellarose

Maria Moraniec Lady Business Tate Northrup* Bonheur Quality Megan Northrop Harrison Clara Juckett* Etoile Natanya McMahon Quiero Bourbon Jessena Defler* Gasparo v. de Falieberg Darby Weerstra Exultation