Covered Bridge Courier

 Lindsey Hundley, DC

11601 Valley View Rd., Anchorage, KY  40223   


Fall 2006 - Fall 2007

Annual Banquet:  Mark your calendars for Sunday, Dec.2.  Invitations will be coming soon.


Midsouth Junior Cs are Quiz National Champions!!

Covered Bridge had two of the four members on the team - Mackenzie Spaes and Captain Carrie Salmon.  They won by 30 points over the 2nd place team! Wow! Way to go, girls!!



Midsouth Junior D team -  Emma Burch did a great job on her team with 3 other Midsouth kids - they finished fourth and only missed first place by four points!!!  Not a bad showing for her first year doing Quiz, I would say!!  Congrats to Emma!         



Midsouth Senior Cs - we had 3 of the four kids on this team, Madeline, Katie Coleman and Olivia.  They won sixth place, which is a very strong showing since two of our kids are C3s and so had to answer HA questions all day on the third day of competition!   Great job, girls!!



Annual Awards Banquet and Championships:  

     2006 Pony Clubber of the Year:   Jesse Rockhold 

This award is given to a member who has personified the giving spirit of Pony Club by  supporting their club through their own participation in our activities plus contributing their time to help other members during the year.



                                        James, Jesse and Susan Rockhold


Our New C3s:

Kristen, Madeline, Emily.  Back: Rachel, Jesse, Olivia, Emma.

The C3 rating is administered by a set of USPC National Examiners over 2 days.  It covers bandaging, longeing, oral exams, riding on the flat, stadium jumping and cross country.  These girls did a great job and we are very proud of them!


A New 'B' for Covered Bridge:

Congratulations to Jesse Rockhold!  She just passed her 'B' rating on August 12 up at the Hoosier Horse Park.  She joins an elite group of Pony Clubbers who have attained this rating and will be listed in the Annual USPC directory every year with the other upper-level current and past members of Pony Club.  



2006 Annual Awards Banquet



New D1s: Natalie, Jill, Mary P. and Sarah                                             New D2s: Emma, McKenzie, Aisling and Emily  




                                                              Fun and Games at the Banquet




            New D3: Tahlia                                                New C1s: Kaylen, Shelby, Andrea, Mackenzie, Rene S.  

                                                                                            Back row: Rene R., Linda, Meaghan.


                                                             New C2s: Kara, Molly, Katie


2006 Covered Bridge Championships:

           These awards are determined through a point system that rewards participation in Quiz, 

                the CBPC Combined Test, and Mega Rally during the year.


D1 - McKenzie Ragan                  

D2 - Aisling Carroll            

D3 - Kaylen Strench

C1 - Rene Smith

                              C2 - Emma Pridham



            18th Annual Covered Bridge Combined Test

                                Sunday, March 18  Stone Place Stables

                                          Complete results are posted on our web site.



                                           Winners of CBPC trophies:

                                                 Starter -       Kara Bailey-Roth                      

                                                 Beg. Nov -  Tahlia Hodes

                                                 Novice -      Molly Jayes

                                                 Training -    Natalie Hargis                  



                            Molly on her beloved "Harry", who suffered a fatal accident this year.

                                                We all extend our sympathies to Molly on her loss.


Annual Meeting:

Our Annual Parent Meeting was at Robin LeMastus' house on October 23.  Katie Hagan has agreed to be our new DC, replacing Lindsey in January.  Robin is replacing Katie as Barn Mom at AV - thank you, Robin!

 Thank you for a job well done, Lindsey!  :>)




2007 Quiz

March 3, Franklin TN

D1/D2, 9 & Under (Sec. 1):

4th place team -            Individual -                                    

Emily Hagan (Capt)                9th  

Caroline Gosser                             

Natalie Incorvia                       8th

Liza Ragan

Emily was awarded a special Good Sportsmanship Award for her honesty in reporting an error in scoring

         that lowered her own score.



                                                                              Natalie, Emily, Caroline and Liza  


D1/D2, 9 & Under (Sec. 2):  

1st place team -              Individual -

Mary P. Camp (Capt)              7th 

Jackie LeMastus

Sarah Camp

Samantha Laurel


                             Sarah, Mary P., Sam and Jackie



D1 10-12 yrs:

5th place team -              Individual -

Calley Thompson (Capt)          6th  

Jill Robertson

Helen Egger


                 Jill, Calley and Helen


D2/D3, 10-12 (Sec 1):

 4th place team (CB/WT)                 

Sarah Harmon-Vaught                               

Claire Miles

Sarah and Claire; Molly and Haley from Wilderness Trace  


D2/D3, 10-12 (Sec 2): 

1st place team -            Individual -

Aisling Carroll (Capt)             7th  

Emma Burch                          5th

Emily Dohrman

McKenzie Ragan 

               McKenzie, Aisling, Emma and Emily


D2/D3, 13 & up (Sec 1):

5th place team (CB/SS) -

Brooke Webber (Capt)

Mallory Glazer

Tahlia Hodes

Brooke, Carly from Sunny Side, Tahlia and Mallory


Junior Cs:

2nd place team -               Individual -

          Carrie Salmon (Capt)             1st

            Rene Robertson

            Andrea Glazer

            Mackenzie Spaes                    6th

5th place team -                Individual -

            Molly Jayes                            5th

Carrie, Rene, Andrea and Mackenzie


Senior Cs (Sec.1):

2nd place team -                  Individual -

            Olivia Ford (Capt)                    7th

            Madeline Hundley                     3rd

            Kara Bailey-Roth

            Rene Smith


They missed 1st by a tie-breaker!

 Kara, Madeline, Rene and Olivia

Senior Cs (Sec.2):

 1st place team -                    Individual -

            Jesse Rockhold (Capt)               10th

            Katie Coleman                            2nd

            Nick Wahl

            Linda Holmblad

Katie, Linda, Jesse and Nick


 Krystin Schmid, who is a working student at Spring Run, won the Joy Bennett Eventing Award for the highest scoring 'A' at Eventing Rally.  We're glad she brought Joy's trophy home to Spring Run!


Pony Club Awards at a USEA event:

 Natalie Hargis received the Debbie Atkinson Memorial Trophy as the highest scoring PCr in the

Junior Training Rider division at the Middle Tennessee HT in October.


Mackenzie Spaes was awarded the Melvin H. Bowne Memorial Trophy as the highest scoring PCr of

the Junior Novice Rider division.


2007 Rally

  Kentucky Horse Park

:>)   Many thanks to our wonderful C Advisors!!  :>)

D1 (7 & Under):

2nd place -   Liza Ragan                      C advisor - Emily Moscoe

D1 (8 -10) Div. A:

1st place -    Mary Peabody Camp      C advisor - Molly Jayes

6th place -   Samantha Laurel              C advisor - Emma Pridham

D1 (8 -10) Div. B:

1st place -    Sarah Snyder                  C advisor - Sarah Younger

2nd place -   Sarah Camp                    C advisor - Olivia Ford

8th place -   Katie Hill                          C advisor - Rachel Medinger

D1 (8 -10) Div. C:

Had Fun  - Caroline Gosser                 C advisor - Kelsey Harja

D1 (8 -10) Div. D:

3rd place -   Jill Robertson                  C advisor - Vicki Trout

5th place -   Natalie Incorvia                C advisor - Liz Paschal


                                                            Having fun at D1 Awards!


D2 (Div. A):

1st place - CB/WC team

          Emma Burch, Emily Dohrman, Courtney Collins, Jennifer Drout* (WC)

                              Calley Thompson, SM

Perfect Score in Horse Management - congratulations Calley!

Individual Ribbons:      

Courtney - 1st place plus winner of the trophy for the top over-all D2 at Rally.

                                        Emma - 7th

                                        Emily - 8th


                                                Jennifer (WC), Courtney, Emma, Emily and Calley



D2 (Div. A):

5th place - CB team:

          McKenzie Ragan*,  Sarah Harmon-Vaught, Bailee Hodelka

Alex Cowens, SM


                                       McKenzie and Sarah - Bailee & Alex got lost!


D2 (Div. B):

7th place - CB/P team

          Aisling Carroll*, Jackie LeMastus, Anna Coffman, SM

                                    Cirstyn Hollander (P) (not pictured)

Perfect Score in Horse Management - congratulations Anna!

Aisling, Jackie and Anna

Beg. Novice:

3rd place - CB team

          Carrie Salmon*, Tahlia Hodes, Mackenzie Spaes, Andrea Glazer

                              Madeline Hundley, SM

6th place Horse Management

            Individual Ribbons:       Tahlia - 6th       1st Open HT

            Carrie - 10th    7th Open HT

                                                Mackenzie -   7th Open HT (different division)

                        Madeline, Tahlia, Andrea, Mackenzie and Carrie



4th place - CB/WC team

          Rene Robertson, Shelby Wietharn, Kaylen Strench, Katie Coleman, SM

                        Carolyn Rydyznski* (WC) (not pictured)

            Individual Ribbons:       Kaylen - 5th     2nd Open HT

                                                Shelby -           6th Open HT


                                    Rene, Shelby, Kaylen and Katie


Ratings Update:   Congratulations to all  :>)







 Caroline Gosser

Samantha Laurel

Liza Ragan

Calley Thompson

Grace Solinger

Alex Cowens

Sarah Snyder

Courtney Collins

Katie Hill

Bailee Hodelka

 Sarah Harmon- 


McKenzie Ragan

Emma Burch

Emily Dohrman

Calley Thompson

Grace Solinger

Jackie LeMastus

Alex Cowens

Courtney Collins

Bailee Hodelka

Katie Hill

Emily Dohrman

Emma Burch

Courtney Collins

Mackenzie Spaes

Kaylen Strench

Liz Paschal

Tahlia Hodes

Mallory Glazer

Brooke Webber


Katie Coleman

Molly Jayes

Kara Bailey-Roth

Mackenzie Spaes

Kaylen Strench

Shelby Wietharn

Noelle Varga

Vicky Trout


Kristen Bednarski

Olivia Ford

Madeline Hundley

Jesse Rockhold

Emily Moscoe

Emma Pridham

Kelsey Harja

Rachel Medinger







Annual Coggins Reminder:  

Rally secretaries require that your Coggins match the horse's show name.  If you want to enter with a show name instead of a "barn" name, remember to tell your vet in January to enter both names on the Coggins report. 

And don't forget that January is "Coggins Month"!  Even though your Coggins may not expire until March, don't be caught paying for a rush job when Combined Test entries are due.  It doesn't save you any money to wait until the expiration date.