Year-end CBPC Championships

This award is given out at the Holiday Awards Banquet.  It goes to the top-scoring pony clubber within each rating level, D1 – C3/B).  The following describes how the score is derived.

Each individual is given 1 point for each of the activities in which he/she participates, i.e. Quiz, CB Combined Test, any Rally and Championships) so, for example, participation in three activities constitutes 3 points.

Each participant is then given points according to individual (not team) results at each activity within their rating level.  If you have the best placing (highest ribbon) of the CB kids within your rating, that is considered ”1st”, even if you got the 3rd place ribbon.  “1st place” CB kid gets 3 pts, “2nd” gets 2 pts, and “3rd” gets 1 point.  Divisions at Quiz are arranged according to age, then rating.  Therefore, results for each rating level will be a combination of the results from different competition divisions.  Divisions at Rally are arranged according to rating only, except for D1’s, which are divided by age as well.  When this award is calculated, it is done with respect to rating only, not age.

The highest point value gets the award.

The above method is purely objective.  Sometimes it may become necessary to break a tie.

Tie breakers:

Success at Quiz weighs more heavily than success at the other events because all the kids are free to participate there while they may not have a horse to ride at Rally or CT.  The horsemanship and knowledge tested at Quiz is the foundation of PC, followed by the rallies, then the CT.

Attitude, sportsmanship, and level of volunteerism (Stable Manager at a Rally, C advisors, Mock Quiz helpers, teaching the Ds at meetings, CT, Rally Camp, etc.) can play a part if an outcome becomes exceedingly difficult.

Having success at the CT, when competing in a division higher than what your current rating dictates could potentially play a part.

Unfortunately, it becomes more difficult to obtain this award if you participate at different rating levels at the different events during the year since the point totals are then divided between rating levels.