What is Quiz?

 **Parents look -- this is the signup info for Quiz!!

 The purpose of Pony Club is to teach children about horsemanship, not just riding.  In order to consider yourself a good "horse person", you must be familiar with the guidelines for feeding, shoeing, and care of your pony, plus be able to recognize illness or signs of improper care on your part.  Pony Club Quiz is a horse-related "quiz bowl" contest designed to encourage the study of these subjects.  Not only do participants learn what they need to know about horse care, but they also are exposed to many subjects that are required knowledge in order to attain "C" and up ratings - fox hunting terminology, rules for Pony Club Games, blacksmith tools, grooming, etc.  If you have just joined Pony Club, participating in Quiz is the best way to make friends and learn what this is all about.

The 2024 competition is being held at Locust Trace AgriScience Center, 3591 Leestown Rd in Lexington, KY on Saturday March 2.  The cost for the competition will be published when available but will be not more than in the past which was $110.

                Opening night for signups is at our CBPC Annual Meeting in September so that is the best way to get on the list early and have a say in what nights the meetings will be held for your child's level. Each team has four kids, so signing up at the meeting helps to assure a spot on a CBPC-only team, while later sign-ups may have to go on a mixed team with another club, depending on the numbers, e.g., if 10 kids sign up for "Novice D", then the last two will be on a scramble team.  This is a great way to make new friends in other clubs!  

The Quiz study meetings are at Peggi's in the lower level of the house in Goshen.  1308 Meadowridge Trail. Enter thru garage.

A Snack List for each group will be sent out once groups are set.

                Note: We recommend that new members who are interested in Quiz wait to test up to their possible riding level until they have competed at Quiz once because there is a lot of information to learn at the lower levels - call me with questions about that before you take your test. We can discuss the situation to decide what will work best for your child.

 ****Even if you decide not to compete at Quiz, ALL kids are encouraged to come to any or all of the meetings - just call for the times for your ratings.

 Cost of study materials: 

D1 & D2 = $17 for a D 2nd ed. Manual;   D3 & Cs = another $17 for the C Intermediate 2nd ed. Manual

       These are available at Amazon.

Children need their own books for the study sessions - they really can’t share or use Kindle.

Binders and study materials are supplied with funds from our annual March fundraiser horse show.

Divisions are as follows (PC age is as of Jan. 1st of the competition year):

                Starter  -  9 & under

    Novice - 10-11 yrs

                Junior  -  12-17 yrs

                Senior   -  18 & up