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The rider should use the Training Scale as a basis for all training. The steps in the pyramid build upon each other until the top is reached. Skipping one will make the top stage of training impossible.  To help remember the steps: "Ride So Canter in Straight Columns".

 Rhythm is the first step. Rhythm is regular, even steady paces.

New - "Suppleness" replaces Relaxation in the chart. This means the ability to bend the body both laterally and longitudinally.

 New - "Contact" replaces Connection is the third step. This is the acceptance of the bit and the rider’s hands. The horse should go willingly forward into the bit.

 Impulsion means the pushing power that comes from behind.

 Straightness will follow. The horse will remain straight on curved or straight lines.

 Collection is last. This means the horse has reached “self-carriage”. The strides are more animated with more suspension. The horse is light in his forehand. The hind legs show more bend.