After you have been sent the Membership Forms, including the CBPC New Member Form (which is not on the web site), please read the following notes:

Use blue ink on the USPC Membership form.  Blue or black is fine on the others.

Use the check amount listed on the CBPC New Member Info sheet, not the USPC Membership form.

One parent signs on the 1st & 2nd page of the USPC Membership form.  Member signs instead if 18 years or older. 

Do NOT DATE the medical release or the chaperone form.

Keep one copy of the Medical Release for your child’s armband that they will wear at all PC activities, with the exception of Quiz meetings.  That copy should be dated.

Order a copy of the "new" D Manual from either the Pony Club bookstore (link on front page of this web) or from  2nd edition has a blue cover.

Print out the D1 Outline and the D1 Test from the PC Forms page.  

Peggi will also send you these in an email.

Thank you and welcome to Pony Club!  :-)