Rally Qualifying Certificate (D2 >BN)

          Important!!  As DCs, we have to certify to the Midsouth Region at the time of Rally entries in mid-May that our riders are already competent at the level of entry and that their horse is a suitable and safe match.  This means that future show plans and lessons cannot be taken into consideration at the time of the Rally Meeting in April.

          Eventing Rally is a "horse trial" which involves jumping outside in a very large field during the cross-country phase.  Having a certain rating does not by itself prepare a rider to compete at Rally.  Therefore, to qualify for a spot on a D2 through Beginner Novice Eventing Rally team, your instructor must complete this certificate in the spring (not the fall unless their current level will be the same as Rally level) before the Rally Organizational Meeting in April.  Riders must also regularly attend Pony Club meetings.

          D2 Combined Test is for kids not ready to go XC for whatever reason but are ready to jump a 2’ stadium course.  Bring this signed letter from the coach to the Rally Meeting stating that the rider is confidently jumping at least 2’ feet courses, including oxers, in their regular lessons.  

*Note: the DCs must still approve placement of horse/rider combinations at the Novice team level and above.  Those riders must be actively competing at the desired level prior to the Rally Meeting.  Rally is a championship-qualifying course, not a move-up course.

 P.S. – if a rider’s mount changes after the meeting, we will need a new affidavit from your coach.  Scan, picture, fax, mail are all fine.

 Missy Camp, DC CBPC

Coach Affidavit for rider/horse combo:  

My student ________________________ has been in regular riding instruction with me at least over the past winter through the present.  I am confident that my student and his/her horse/pony ____________________ are presently qualified to compete at the __________ level at either D2 CT or Eventing Rally.

If EV Rally, they have successfully schooled _______ times over cross-country fences at the requisite maximum height and/or have previously competed at shows that included a cross-country course at said maximum height. *D3 Rally will share many jumps with the BN course, so especially important to have schooled max height.    (D2 Rally=2 ft.; D3 Rally=2'6"; BN=2'7")

Instructor _____________________________ Date ___________