New Member Forms:   

Please call our Jt-DC, Peggi Bindner, at 502-550-2640 

or email her at pfb5678@aol.com after reviewing the "Parent Commitment Form" and the CB price list to find out about Pony Club.   


Parent Commitment Form - sign where indicated on the first page, then keep the rest of the packet for your information

Covered Bridge PC Membership prices for 2019


See why PC is such a great program for kids -



          Some Facts About USPC

          Parents Answer Book 

          Prospective Members Info


What is Quiz?

What is Rally?

Info on New Member Testing

Additional Membership Forms:

Important - Please call Peggi before filling out membership forms.  

(You must obtain the "CBPC New Member Form" from us in order to actually join)

Miscellaneous Forms:

USPC Test Sheets: 2019 versions.  D2 and up testings can use 3 separate sheets. 

D1 Test Sheet.pdf

D-2 Trad Combined.pdf

D2 Record Book

D-2 HM Test Sheet

D-2 On The Flat Test Sheet 2019.pdf

D-2 Over Fences Test Sheet 2019.pdf

D-3 Trad Combined Test Sheet

D3 Record Book - added pages to D2 set

D-3 HM.pdf

D-3 Flat.pdf

D-3 Fences.pdf

D-3_info not_covered_in_Manual.pdf

C-1 HM.pdf

C-1 Flat.pdf

C-1 Fences.pdf

C-1_info not_covered_in_Manual.pdf

C-2 HM.pdf

C-2 Flat.pdf

C-2 Fences.pdf

C-2_info not_covered_in_Manual.pdf

USPC Standards: *revised 2019 versions 

D Eventing Standards.pdf

C1 & C2 Eventing Standards.pdf 

C3, B & A Eventing Standards.pdf

HB/HA Standards.pdf  

USPC Rule Books:


          *See "Rule Books & Rallies" link on home page

2019 Intro dressage tests:

2018 USEF Dressage tests for Eventing (not judgable versions)

2019 USEF Dressage tests for Dressage shows link -