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New Member Forms:   

Please call or text our Jt-DC, Peggi Bindner, at 502-550-2640 or email her at pfb5678@aol.com after reviewing the "Parent Commitment Form" and the CB price list to find out about our Pony Club.  We are based at two barns that have Pony Club graduate instructors - Stone Place Stables on Rose Island Rd in Prospect & Spring Run Farm on Covered Bridge Rd in Prospect. You do not need a horse to join but need to take all of your lessons at one of our barns to learn the Pony Club Way.  We are focused on horse management - horse care and equine knowledge - so we leave the majority of the riding instruction to our coaches.


Parent Commitment Form - sign where indicated on the first page, then keep the rest of the packet for your information


Covered Bridge PC Membership prices for 2022


See why PC is such a great program for kids -



What is Quiz?

What is Rally?

Info on New Member Testing

Additional Membership Forms:

Important - Please talk to Peggi before filling out membership forms.  

**You must obtain the "CBPC New Member Form" from us in order to actually join.

Miscellaneous Forms:

USPC Test Sheets & Standards: current 2020 versions.  

        Sign into your account at www.ponyclub.org .   You will need to get a password from the USPC office after joining but should have been included in your New Member packet that was mailed to you. Click "Certifications", then pick either "Local" or "National".

**Note:  D1 and up testings can use 3 separate sheets if taking sections instead of the entire level at once.  D levels can also use the Combined test sheet if taking the entire test at once.


USPC Rule Books:

         Sign into your account at www.ponyclub.org.  Click "Volunteers", "Rulebooks"


CBPC Rules Summaries:

                Eventing Rally


                Show Jumping Rally

                Dressage Rally

                Games Rally

                Tetrathlon Rally