D1 Test Outline - only update from 2023 is the new stall card

 D2 Outline.pdf w-RB pgs - no change from 2023

D3 Outline w-RB pgs.pdf - no change from 2023

The rest of these outlines will need to be updated.  I will note each one as completed.

C1 Outline Part I - HM-only version.pdf - no change from 2023 (amended pg7 4/18/24)

C1 Outline Part II- Riding sections only.pdf - 2024

Safety Check List.pdf - no change

Shoulder and hip angles.jpg.pdf

Training Scale - updated.pdf

C2 Outline Part I - HM-only version.pdf  - 2024

C2 Grooming wrap.pdf

C2 added RB pgs.pdf - no change

C2 Outline Part II - Riding only.pdf - 2024

C3 Testing Outline.pdf - 2024 

 C3 longeing cards.pdf - read standard for EV vs. DR

B Testing Outline.pdf

B longeing cards.pdf - read standard for EV vs. DR

HB Outline - 2023 version.pdf

HB added RB page.pdf

Making Shipping Pads.pdf - only an HA specialty wrap now