Important Info for New Members

about Pony Club Ratings

Even though you may be capable of jumping higher than the D1 level, do not schedule a D2 test without having your Barn Mom check with us for two reasons:

          The Cross-Country element of D2 Rally requires jumping out in a very large field.  We need to discuss your experience with that type of riding and the safety of your mount in that situation.  For younger kids, it is usually better to go to a D1 Rally first before attempting the D2 level.  If you are only planning to participate at either the Show Jumping Rally or Dressage Rally, then this aspect of your rating is not as much of a concern to the Club.

          Again, younger kids may want to attend Quiz for the first time as a D1 due to the amount of material that needs to be mastered and test up afterward if appropriate.  Older kids who do not have an issue with the Cross-Country riding are certainly free to rate up to their appropriate level after checking with us. 

                                                     Good luck on the D1 test!

                                                                    Missy Camp, DC