Games Rally Rules Summary

Teams = four or five riders.  Only four ride in each game.

Besides horses and ponies, can use donkeys, mules and miniature horses.

No braiding allowed (manes and/or tails).


Age limits:

Junior team =     14 yrs and under but must be 10 yrs, D2 flat & D3 HM for Champs.

Senior team =     14-18 yrs and D3 for Champs.  At least one is 14 or up; rest can be down to 10.

Advanced pairs =  18-24 yrs and be a C1 for Champs.  At least one rider is 18 or up; rest can be Seniors.


Weight limits for ponies:

            Small pony (12.2 hands or less) has limit of 117 lbs. for rider.

            Medium pony (12.2+ to 13.2) has limit of 150 lbs. for rider.


            Belts are optional.

            Shirts must be all white and have sleeves.

            Black or brown boots only; tall or short.

            White helmets must have tape applied so not confused with “last rider” helmet color.

            Colored pinnies identify each team; each team has its own color.


            Only smooth bits - no twists.

            No jointed kimberwicks or pelhams.

            Cannot use the slots in an Uxeter kimberwick - rein has to be loose on the side ring.

            Pelhams only mullen-mouthed, while kimberwicks can have up to a medium port. 

            Pelhams must have a lip strap on the chain.

Must have some kind of noseband on the bridle.

Only standing martingales are allowed to be used.

Reins must have a breakaway feature.

*No whips or spurs - can only use your flat hand to urge pony on.


            Last rider in each game wears a white helmet cover.

Signal to start game is drop of flag.

            Third false start = elimination from that game.

            Riders do not have to keep their feet in the stirrups.

            Reins can be knotted and left on the neck when leading ponies on foot.

            Games equipment can never be put in the rider’s mouth or used to hit the pony.


Housewife’s Scurry = PAOCO (pay-o-co).  Potato, apple, orange, carrot, onion are used in that order (the two fruits are in order).  The 1st rider is given the potato before s/he starts.  S/he drops it in the bucket in the center of the line, then picks up the apple out of the bucket that is past the end line and brings it back to the 2nd rider.  The 2nd rider drops the apple into the center bucket, then picks up the orange for the 3rd rider.  The 3rd rider drops the orange, then picks up the carrot at the end to bring to the 4th rider.  The 4th rider drops the carrot on the first time past the center bucket, picks up the onion at the end, then drops the onion into the center bucket on his/her second time by the center bucket, coming back empty-handed. 

1st rider drops the 1st item and picks up the 2nd item; 2nd rider drops the 2nd item and picks up the 3rd item; 3rd rider drops the 3rd and picks up the 4th item; 4th rider drops the 4th, picks up the 5th and drops the 5th.

                                    Extra Equipment

  Games   Tetrathlon   Polocrosse   Vaulting

lip strap if use pelham

bit keepers if use full cheek

air pistol mallet side reins w/donuts

white band or helmet cover for the last rider in each game

stop watch 4" ball weighing 6.5 oz. longeing surcingle with handles
traffic cones running shoes pinnies numbered #1-#4 adult team member to handle the horse
pinnies w/matching colors bathing suit "chukkah" - a playing period of up to 8 min.  No more than six chukkahs in a day on one horse   cotton longe line
reins without a center buckle horse can be shared by up to three riders on one team SM allowed to bring a horse as a substitute for an injured team mount, plus is allowed to ride for an injured player. oil drum for practice without the horse - "vaulting barrel"