Midsouth Eventing & Dressage Association sanctioning applied for; open to all riders

Sunday, March 14, 2021      Stone Place Stables, 7718 Rose Island Rd, Prospect, KY

          Open: Tuesday, Jan 21         Close: Tuesday, March 2  

COMPLETE entries that are postmarked on or delivered by closing date have priority.  ** Do not put LATE entries 

into the mail after Thursday, March 4.  Starting Friday, March 5, LATE entries must be hand-delivered to the

 Secretary in her PAPER box no later than 8:00 PM Monday night, March 8.  LATE and incomplete entries may

have to be wait-listed.  Incomplete entries at 8:00PM March 8 will be placed on a wait list regardless of whether 

or not the show is full; priority will be order of completion.  Entry forms, entry status and times are available on our

 website, Copies of dressage tests are listed on our web site at "PC Forms".  

Non-sanctioned Division:

   Baby Starter - 2019 USDF Intro B.  Stadium: 18”- 2ft. max; no oxers.  

        Dressage indoors; jump outside.  Plain warm clothes encouraged; no suede half-chaps; 

            smooth snaffles required  for dressage.  Show coats not required.

MSEDA-sanctioned Divisions: 

       **Show coats are optional below Prelim level. Collared shirt with sleeves required in warm weather.

       Starter      2019 USDF Intro C        Stadium:  2ft.3in max (includes oxers)

       Beg Nov    2018 Beg Nov Test A     Stadium:  2ft.7in max

       Novice       2018 Novice Test A        Stadium:  2ft.11in max

       Training    2018 Training Test A     Stadium:  3ft.3in max

       Prelim.      2018 Prelim Test A        Stadium:  3ft.7in max

* although no longer required for jumping unless a medical condition, USEA armbands on sale for $10.00.

All dressage tests are in small arenas and must be ridden from memory.  Organizers reserve right to cancel 

            divisions with insufficient entries.  Divisions will be divided Junior/Senior if entries warrant.  


        See the notice on the Entries and Times pages for requirements to enter the grounds.  

**DOGS**  Stone Place requests that visitors do not bring outside dogs.  Posted at entrance.

Schooling: Sorry, not available after the show.  *No grounds access by non-competitors.

Coggins:  Dated 3/15/20 or later.  Do not include expired copies or health certificates in entry.

Entry fees:  Baby Starter & up = $80* ($111* for two divisions of same horse and rider) 

     *DISCOUNT! - complete entries (current Coggins, paid, scanned or mailed by closing

         date may take a $5 discount per rider.  No refunds if not taken at time of payment.  

         Ineligible discounts will need to pay $5 when picking up packets in the office.

Times:  Posted by 7:00 PM, Wednesday, Mar 10.  

        Available on our website  or call the Secretary at 502-550-2640.

Limited Stabling:  Text Debbie Iezzi Snyder at 502-608-5117 to request stabling.

Refunds:  Full refund if by closing date. After close, only if can be filled from the Wait List. 

Call the Secretary on her cell in case of a scratch for best chance of filling your place.

Cancellation of show for extreme weather - refund minus $15 office fee to help defray fixed expenses.

Awards:  Prize and 10 ribbons per division.  CBPC members are eligible for Club trophies.

Directions from Cincinnati/Lexington: I-265 north from I-64 or I-71 to Exit 37 - Prospect.

            Right onto US Hwy 42 for 2.2 miles to Rose Island Rd, Hwy 3222 - turn  left.  Entrance is on the left 

            down ½ mile; stone lion at gate. Secretary’s Office is in the Indoor viewing room.  Posted “No Dogs” 

Food, snacks and drinks available in the Indoor Viewing Room. No tabs. 

Parking: field on the right before the dressage ring.  Assistance also provided for the large rigs.

Secretary/Organizer:  Peggi Bindner   cell 502.550-2640

       TD: Joe Carr   Judges - DR: Megan Carr and Julia Quattrochi   SJ: Robyn Munson