2015 Quiz Results:

Covered Bridge had a great time at Quiz and the kids did wonderfully
Div 1B, Sec 1 (D1 10-12 yrs) - 1st place team.
Sophie, Olivia, Hayden
Div 1B, Sec 2 (D1 10-12 yrs) - 1st place team.
Madison, Sarah, Reagan, Nora
Total Div 1B (33 kids) Individual ribbons - Madison 2nd, Sophie 5th, Olivia 10th.
Div 1C, Sec 1 (D2/D3 mixed teams 10-12 yrs) - 1st place team.
Jessena, Emma, BethAnne (WCPC), Clara
Total Div 1C (46 kids) Individual ribbons - Jessena 1st, Clara 3rd, Emma 5th.
*Jessena and Clara are qualified for Eastern Champs while Emma will be qualified if the 2nd
or 4th place finishers elect not to attend.
Div II, Sec. 1 (all Ds 13 and over) - 3rd place team
Madison, Erin, Annie, Caroline

Div II, Sec. 2 (all Ds 13 and over) - 3rd place team

Sidney was the only CB kid on a Greenacres team and had a great day!

Total Div ll (43 kids) Individual ribbons - Sidney 4th.

Qualifies for Champs in her first year at Quiz!
Div III (all Cs 14 yrs and under) - 1st place team
Some photo-bomber (?), Ev, Eliza, Sydney, Kara (MVPC)
Total Div III (13 kids) Individual ribbons - Evelyn 2nd, Sydney 6th, Eliza 7th.
Ev qualified for Champs while Syd and Eliza could get in if others choose not to go.
Div IV (all Cs 15 and up) - 5th place team
Abbey was on a 3-man team and had a fun day!