2013 Rally Results

Covered Bridge had a great time at Rally this year and we were blessed with some of the

best weather we have had in recent memory. No thunderstorm delays! Hard to imagine, I know!

There was no 7 & Under division this year, so we had at least one CBr in each D1 division.

D1s 8-10 years:

2A - 1st place Emma Drury and C Advisor Emily Hagan

    3rd place Abbey Campbell and C Advisor Emily Dohrman

    5th place Nora Brown and C Advisor Kelly Taylor

2B - 1st place Martie Ehly and C Advisor Rhona Thomson

2C - 1st place Clara Juckett and C Advisor Natalie Incorvia

D1s 11 & over:

2nd place Annie Huffman and C Advisor Sarah Camp

Many thanks to our D1 coach Whitney Drury and hard-working C Advisors !!

D2 Rally:

1A - 2nd place team - Isabel Brunker (Kee), Abbey Huffman, Sydney McCurry (9th), and

Jessena Defler. HM Aine O'Rourke (Kee)

D3 Rally:

1A - 1st place team - Mary Quinn, Margaret Creech, Cayleigh Winkelhake (2nd indiv), and

Evelyn Juckett (1st indiv and winner of best overall D3 trophy)

HM Eliza Steenrod - 2nd in HM. Way to go, Eliza!

Many thanks to our coach Pat Thomas and Whitney, who stepped in to walk SJ

when they moved the time up unexpectedly!

C Rally:

6th place team - Emily Hagan (1st place Training rider and winner of trophy),

Sarah Camp (3rd place Training rider - was given 4th ribbon at awards by mistake)

and Emily Smith (Beg. Nov. rider) HM Emma Burch

Thanks again to our coach Pat Thomas!